Win7 MAC Address Changer 2.0

Win7 MAC Address Changer 2.0

Free The program can change the MAC address of network adapters
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Soonware and Zokali, Inc.
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Both the IP addresses and the MAC (media control access) addresses are unique identifiers that help distinguish a device or a system in a network or over the Internet. Unlike the IP addresses, the MAC addresses are assigned to the hardware network interfaces (the network adapter). Therefore, changing the MAC address is a pretty intricate and difficult job that usually requires advanced knowledge of system tweaking procedures. Changing the MAC address is not only a difficult task, but often a necessary one, as it can represent the optimal solution to bypass certain connection-based restrictions, hide your online identity or perform various troubleshooting operations. Therefore a simple tool that makes this task an easy one was needed. This tool was delivered and its name is “Win7 MAC Address Changer”.

Win7 MAC Address Changer is a small, neat and lightweight tool that can be installed and launched in an instant. Unfortunately, its installer comes packed with a lot of adware so you should pay a lot of attention when installing this MAC address changer if you don’t want to allow various unneeded applications to be installed on your system as well. Win7 MAC Address Changer is also very easy-to-use as its interface is plain simple and extremely straightforward. Even beginners will be able to use this self-explanatory program without any problem.

I also like about this tool the fact that it can change the MAC address of both wired and wireless network adapters. It can also generate random MAC address and save the data about the old address to a text file. You should note though, that in order for the MAC address change to actually take effect, re-enabling the network card (the LAN adapter) is required.

To sum it all up, though it looks a bit unpolished and unfinished, this tool gets its job done and that’s the most important thing about it. If you need a really easy and fast way to change the MAC address whenever you like, this neat utility will surely help.

MS Senior editor
Margie Smeer
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  • Very easy-to-use
  • Small, neat and lightweight
  • It can change the MAC address of both wired and wireless network adapters


  • The installer comes with a lot of requests to install unneeded additional software (adware)
  • There's no stand-alone help file that could be use offline - help data is available only on producer's website
  • The interface cannot be resized or customized
  • The "Tools" menu mostly links to online apps that have to be downloaded and installed. Only a basic system information tool is actually available
  • Re-enabling the network adapter is required for the MAC address change to take effect


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